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Emigrating to Canada with Migrate Me

Tips for Electricians Emigrating to Canada


Canada is among the most popular countries in the world for United Kingdom’s citizens as well as other citizens from other countries to move to. However, it is one country with very stringent immigration policies in the world. With Canada’s close relationship with the United Kingdom, it is easy for UK citizens to migrate and live in this country. However, this does not mean that other people from other countries cannot move and stay in Canada. The following are tips for Electrician Emigrating to Canada:
What you should do before you move
The first and most important thing to do before you move to Canada is to get certification. You need 9,000 hours of practice as a requisite to get a Canadian certification. You can easily get this by asking for a reference from your previous employer. Write a comprehensive resume detailing your work experience, education background and certifications. This will enable your next employer to have an understanding of your skills and competencies.
What to do when you arrive
Before you arrive in Canada, it is important that you to start networking with electricians already working there. Networking enables you to understand the work environment, what is expected of you and more information about the job market there. With networking you will be able to find work within the shortest time possible.
Become a union member
Most electrical contractors in Canada are union members. This means that they only hire those who belong to the local unions. For you to be eligible for union membership, you must get the Red Seal journeyman certification. To get this certification, you must pass a number of examinations or go for refresher courses. Being a union member also enables you to benefit from the various incentives offered by the union to its members.
Most employers in Canada like employees who invest in their tools. Every time you receive your salary or wage it is important to buy a few tools for your work. This shows that you are passionate about your career as an electrician and do not depend on your employer to buy tools for you. There are several tools used in Canada by electricians and it is your duty as a professional to find out which ones are allowed and which ones are not used.
You need to be proficient in English or French. These are the two commonly used languages in Canada and it will help you easily communicate with your clients and employers. If you are not able to speak fluently and write without a problem, you will be at a disadvantage.


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